AAC Legislative Package
01-27-2023 - 16:53:02

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HB 1014    Watson, Danny (R)
Hammer, Kim (R)
Expands the approved number of medicolegal death investigation courses that meet training requirements for deputy coroners, allows online training courses, disqualifies those with felonies from employment as deputy coroner.
Bill History: 01-26-23 H Placed on the House calendar
01-26-23 H On floor for consideration
01-26-23 H Passed (Vote: Y: 84/N: 11)
01-26-23 S Received in the Senate - Referred to S-City, County and Local Affairs
01-31-23 S Meeting set for 10:00 a.m. - Room 272 ...S-City, County and Local Affairs

HB 1032    Fite, Lanny (R) Increases the amount of the homestead property tax credit from $375 to $425.
Bill History: 12-14-22 H Filed
01-09-23 H Introduced and referred to H-Revenue and Taxation
01-26-23 H Meeting set for 10:00 a.m. - Room 151 ...H-Revenue and Taxation

HB 1143    Fite, Charlene (R)
Wallace, Dave (R)
Defines 'homestead' regarding the property tax exemption for disabled veterans, surviving spouses, and minor dependent children.
Bill History: 01-24-23 H Amendment(s) Filed
01-26-23 H Meeting set for 10:00 a.m. - Room 151 ...H-Revenue and Taxation
01-25-23 H Amendment 1 adopted
01-26-23 H Reported from committee - Do pass H-Revenue and Taxation
01-30-23 H Placed on the House calendar

HB 1198    Gramlich, Zachary (R)
Boyd, Justin (R)
Provides that early voting may be scheduled on county holidays.
Bill History: 01-23-23 H Filed
01-23-23 H Introduced and referred to H-State Agencies
01-24-23 H Committee hearing set for 10:00 a.m. - Room 151 ...H-State Agencies

HB 1308    Fite, Lanny (R)
Hill, Ricky (R)
Allows the one-half percent sales and use tax levied under Amendment 101 of the Arkansas Constitution to be used by a municipality or county to retire surface transportation bonds.
Bill History: 01-27-23 H Filed

SB 179    Hammer, Kim (R)
Warren, Les (R)
Creates an enhanced service credit multiplier in APERS for sheriffs and deputy sheriffs who retire after July 1, 2024.
Bill History: 01-26-23 S Filed
01-26-23 S Introduced and referred to Joint Retirement

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