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02-04-2015 - 18:27:05

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HB 1005    McElroy, Mark (D) Authorizes county property transfers to municipalities, other counties, community colleges or higher education institutions in exchange for services, money or other consideration.
Remarks: Test comment
Bill History: 02-02-15 H Passed (Vote: Y: 98/N: 0)
02-03-15 S Received in the Senate - Referred to S-City, County and Local Affairs
02-05-15 S Meeting set for 10:00 a.m. - Room 272 ...S-City, County and Local Affairs

SB 76    Hester, Bart (R)
Dotson, Jim (R)
Allows a public school to exceed the state-mandated maximum class size for one semester per year if the class began the semester in compliance and does not exceed the maximum by more than 10 percent.
Bill History: 01-29-15 H Received in the House - Referred to H-Education
02-05-15 H Meeting set for 10:00 a.m. - Room 138 ...H-Education
02-03-15 H Committee motion for D.P. as amended Failed (Vote: Y: 6/N: 11)

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